Nighttime fear is no joke!

Is your child struggling at night? Seeing monsters? Afraid of the dark? We have a complete bedtime solution. Right here. Finally.

What you get with the Bye Bye Monster Sleep Tight Kit:


A fill-at-home monster spray that has been tested and approved by kids as a monster eradicator.


A storybook that takes
children on a fun adventure to Monster Street and the
Monster Ball.


An ultra-soft, under-stuffed squishy monster pal named Barley to snuggle with and drag all over.


Finally get a full night of sweet slumber for everyone in the family but especially your little one.

Did you know?
73% of children ages 4-12 experience
nighttime fear?

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Bye Bye Monster and the Sleep Tight Kit is a "complete" bedtime solution for
children who struggle with nighttime fear.



Take your child's fears seriously.

Acknowledge the fear is real to them. Hear their
feelings and respond with, "I can see you're really scared."

Reassure, support, and comfort.

Be sure they know you are there to keep them safe
and offer comfort.

Help them master their fears.

Consider a bedtime activity such as reading or
making up a positive story about their monster.

Provide a security object.

Provide something that signifies security and comfort; something they can cuddle and sleep with.

Consider a nightlight.

You may also try leaving their bedroom door open so they don't feel isolated from the family.

Have them stay in their own bed.

Be sure to express to them that their room and bed are safe and comfortable places to sleep.

the bye bye monster story


Comforting kids from “things that go bump in the night” that began as a pivotal moment in her and her son, Joey's life was the inspiration for a Minnesota single-mom and brand strategist to find a safe and fun way to help kids with nighttime fear.

When Bye Bye Monster creator, Kelly Lucente was eyebrows deep in her corporate career, she came home to a crying little boy. Unfortunately, she had to raise her son alone from the time that he was six-weeks old and this turning point day happened when he was in second grade. When Kelly asked her son what was wrong, he replied that she had missed something very important at school. When asked why he hadn't told her, he replied, "Because you are never here, Mama."

The very next day Kelly quit her corporate job to be with her beautiful boy. "I knew in that moment, I could not have another regret as big as that. I was not going to be the mom who wasn’t at the weekend games or the evening activities because I was more committed to my corporate career than my family." she has said. Once “temporarily retired” she realized that she needed something to keep her hands busy while her son was in school, so she went back to one of her first loves... consumer products and found a need in the marketplace that needed to be filled and Bye Bye Monster was born.

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purchases will deliver fall 2017

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Yep, we have one.


  • Feel empowered.
  • Have a sense of control.
  • Engage in imaginative play.
  • Have fun.
  • Sleep better.

 But, don't just take our word for it...

happy monsters

"Barley makes the scary monsters happy monsters just like him.”

Crosby | Minnesota, USA

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Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 7.44.51 PM


“When Barley is with me, I'm not afraid to sleep in the dark.”

Ryan | Illinois, USA

talk to the monsters

“Rae has never been afraid of the dark because since a young age, Reese has alway said "Goofy" the monster takes care of any bad things.”

Rae & Reese | Minnesota, USA

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Here's what you can expect by giving your child the sleep tight kit.

Quality Time

Bedtime will no longer be a struggle or a chore. You can share quality time with your little one participating in your new
bedtime ritual.

Better Communication

Giving your child a platform to express themselves through the use of the Sleep Tight Kit, you will find there will be more open
communication on how they are feeling at night.

Imaginative Play

Reading the storybook, Bye Bye Monster; Joey's Adventure on Monster Street will open new worlds for your child to take their own adventures with Barley and friends.

Better Sleep

Your child will sleep better knowing they have Barley by their side and their monster spray at the ready. The whole family will rest easy knowing all bad monsters are held at bay.

Happy Family

Nobody likes to see children suffer especially when they are afraid. You will have a true sense of relief knowing your little one is comforted by their new friend, Barley and the rest of the Sleep Tight Kit.


Sometimes, you just need a little support... and a few
resources to deal with all that goes "bump in the night". Our Facebook community is the perfect place for you to access those resources.


A good night's sleep

is just around the corner.


“Golden slumbers fill your eyes

Smiles awake you when you rise

Sleep pretty darling do not cry

And I will sing you a lullaby.”

- The Beatles

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purchases will deliver fall 2016

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