Kelly Lucente

Branding Takes Effort, No Joke

It doesn’t matter the size of your business or the widget you might be selling, we should all want a rock star reputation, unwavering raving fans and instant brand recognition. 

As you might already know (or maybe not, if you are just beginning your biz build), brand awareness simply doesn’t happen overnight.  It takes time, oodles of time.  I have found, both with my clients and even with myself, that the required patience and dedication it takes to develop a successful brand doesn’t come organically to most people.  

We are living in a 24/7 world where our sense of get-it-done yesterday is commonplace. Many of us operate in “on” mode all the time and as a result, our expectations for instant gratification have increased to a place where we get feisty waiting in line for a java if it has been more than 5 minutes.

If you are seriously committed to establishing your brand in whatever market you occupy, you must be willing to be “all-in” for the long haul. Getting your market to recognize your brand and establishing a solid and positive perception of your brand demands that you are in a constant state of evaluation. The questions of “how is my brand perceived in the marketplace?” and “where is my brand currently and where do I desire it to go and when?” have to continually be addressed.  

You need to look at everything you do that impacts your customers (or potential ones), directly or indirectly, and get a barometer reading on what they think of your brand. You need to consistently assess the temperature of your audience(s) and tweak your website, service suite, packaging et al accordingly to their ever changing wants/needs.  That takes a great deal of effort and thought (let alone moo-lah) but it is a requirement to succeed. 

You also need to have a detailed biz plan and tracking tools that can measure your goals and objectives.  If you don’t have these, how can you gauge what is working or not working and from where specifically your revenue sources are versus your money drainers?  I cannot tell you how many times I ask perspective clients about what their biz or marketing plans look like, and things go silent. Um, hello, are you still there?

All of these take time to implement and monitor. Yep, more of that heady stuff like messaging/positioning work that my clients hate to think about but in the end come to value. 

Working “on” your business while simultaneously providing a great customer experience has become an Olympic sport in this day and age.  The time to capture a new consumer is shrinking (think seconds) and the efforts to keep them as brand fans (I’ll use rock climbing as a visual here) makes running a business all consuming.  The upside to this vertical is that if you love what you do or are passionate about what you sell and you invest in the necessary foundational processes, you can and will undoubtedly find success.

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