Kelly Lucente


Just like the Big Mac has it’s special sauce, so does a brand… the thing that makes it re-markable. I’m not talking double cheeseburger special. I’m talking the two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickle, onion on a sesame-seed bun kind of brand.

So how do you figure out what the re-markable brand is for YOU? One of the ways you can get closer to figuring it out is to look at your existing customers.

Figure out what your customers like about your brand and do more of that.

Let’s say your business is massage therapy. You might say, “Our clients like our brand because we offer a great product line, not just a great massage.” The problem is that is what every brand says. There’s nothing “re-markable” about that. However if a customer said, “We do business with this brand because we always leave feeling refreshed and invigorated.” that gives us something to work with. Saying you are the refreshing alternative sets you apart. Maybe you offer a signature refreshing beverage and send the home with a gift bag of samples that help invigorate.

Until you actually interview your most successful customers, how do you really know?

Don’t guess. Basing your business decisions on a hunch usually doesn’t work… especially with branding. Find out WHY people do business with your brand so you can use those same attributes to communicate that outwardly. You’ll most likely retain your existing customers PLUS attract new ones. Once you understand why customers like your brand, it becomes much easier to articulate the thing that makes you different and market that to your audience. If you think you know why your customer buys from you, you might be right. If you know why your customer buys from you, you will be right.

Interview your ten best customers and ask why they do business with you.

You can always send out a survey. That’s what lots of brands do, but I find you get a far more authentic answer if you meet with them face to face. If they’re local, take them out for lunch or coffee. Drop off a small gift. If they are out of state, a phone is an okay alternative, but I’d consider taking it a step further and video conference them. Explain to your customer that you want to improve your business and you need their help. You might be pleasantly surprised what you find out!

Then what?

Once you get all of that amazing feedback spend some time seeing if there are any common sentiments. Aggregate those and see if they align with your business values. If they do, come up with a narrative to support it and push it out into every area of your business. Then, let it marinate. You very well may land on the best sauce to make your brand sing.