uncovering the secret cash cow hidden in your brand



What is "brand?"

And, how can you make money from having one?

Are you good at sales? Most people aren't, so what do you do if you have a craft that you want to share with the world, but you're having trouble getting noticed and more importantly, having trouble selling it? The answer?


Kelly Lucente uses her vast range of experience with clients and agency life along with personal stories and anecdotes to deliver a unique spin on how creating a solid brand can translate into moo-lah.

What People Are


"Kelly knows “brand” and this book is the perfect guide for the entrepreneur."

JOHN STAVIG, Director, Gary S. Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

"Everyone needs branding tools in their toolbox and this is a great resource to provide those tools."

BRENDA TUSHAUS, General Manager, Marketing, Training, and Technology at RE/MAX Results

"This brand queen knows her stuff. Buy this book. You won’t be sorry."

DONNA HAWLEY, Owner, Maple Grove Pearle Vision

Why This Book?

MOO-LAH-GY is a must-read for individuals who are considering starting their own company or for those who are at a crossroads with their existing venture. Kelly provides detailed descriptions of what “work” must be done to ensure that her readers know how to build that “gotta-have-it” brand for themselves and the “how-to” to drive customers to them.



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In MOO-LAH-GY, Kelly serves up a solid understanding of brand and the power it has if you build strategically and from a place of understanding. There is moo-lah on the other side of understanding… for you and for your customer. If you get them and they get you, if you get inside their head and understand how to solve their problem and you actually provide the solution, there is trust and on the other side of trust is a sale.

Get Re-Tool Marketing's® Personal Branding Blueprint.

Did you know less than 15% of people have truly defined their personal brand and less than 5% are living it consistently?

So, what do you need to know specifically to build a strong personal brand? Kelly's agency, Re-Tool Marketing® created a program to build personal brands that get noticed and now you get the blueprint.

Get Re-Tool Marketing's® Branding Process Checklist.

Ever wonder what steps are necessary to build a one-of-a-kind, gotta-have-it brand? Interested in getting your hands on the process the top agencies use? Get this fun info graphic that helps articulate and visualize the process of branding.

Get exclusive membership to BRANDOSOPHY.

Kelly has put together an exclusive Facebook group called BRANDOSOPHY. It is a group for serious business owners who want to understand how brands translate into moo-lah. It's a place to share, collaborate, inquire, resolve, investigate, imagine, create, innovate, and converse on all things BRAND. There are answers and support there. What are you waiting for? We have so much to accomplish together!


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